Tourganic Podcast

I was recently interviewed for the Tourganic Podcast! Dave Bailis and I had a great conversation about music, touring, food, mediation, exercise, and lots more. Check out Episode 6 from any of the following links. Please be sure to leave a comment and/or subscribe if you like what you hear. Thanks for listening!!


Stand with Trans Rights TODAY on Bandcamp

"Bandcamp is a platform for artistic expression, and all manner of variance in experience and identity, including gender and sexuality, is welcome here. We support our LGBT+ users and staff, and we stand against any person or group that would see them further marginalized. This includes the current U.S. administration, and its recent capricious declaration that transgender troops will no longer be able to serve in the military. That this announcement was motivated in part to help fund the border wall exposes it as part of the administration’s cynical, discriminatory agenda."

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Taking a road trip tomorrow from Tennessee to Illinois for a 10-day Vipassana mediation retreat. I'll be off the grid from July 12th to July 23rd. See you on the flip side.

A star is born

Played last night at the Blue Canoe in Tupelo, MS (hometown of the Presley family). After my gig, I went for a late night Elvis tour. Here's the house where he grew up. 

Cradle of the King in Tupelo, MS.

Cradle of the King in Tupelo, MS.

Singles silver anniversary!

I saw Singles in the theatre when it came out 25 years ago. I loved it then and I love it now. I recently got the double album deluxe edition reissue! Super excited to give the vinyl a spin and hear all the unreleased material on the bonus disc!!

Spring Tour update #8

Got home yesterday from the second half of my Spring Tour. I drove 5700 miles through 7 states for 15 gigs in 15 cities. Had a blast! Thanks to everyone who helped makes it happen and to everybody who came to the shows. Until next time, stay tuned here for all the latest music, news, performances, etc.

Full moon in NOLA

Second half of Spring Tour started on Wednesday in New Orleans, LA. Love that town. Went for a walk through the French Quarter after midnight under the full moon, and couldn't pass up this photo op

St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, LA

St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, LA

Spring Tour update #5

On my way to New Orleans, LA to start the second half of Spring Tour! I heard there's a new vegan restaurant in NOLA. I'm gonna get me some gumbo. Also playing this week in Lafayette LA, Birmingham AL, and Meridian MS. Check the SHOWS page for details.